Citepad for Windows 10 (1 computer)

Citepad for Windows 10 (1 computer)

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Purchase your license code to the full version of Citepad for Windows here. 

Citepad for Windows 10 supports Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, and Google Docs.

Citepad inserts the following signals, pre-formatted, with one click:

  • id.
  • ibid.
  • see
  • see id.
  • accord
  • but see
  • but see, e.g.,
  • see, e.g.,
  • see generally
  • see also
  • cf.
  • but cf.
  • contra
  • e.g.,

It also inserts these symbols:

  • π
  • §
  • Em-dash
  • En-dash

Citepad allows quick access to small caps in two ways. First, you can turn on small caps and start typing. Alternatively, you can highlight text already typed and click the small caps button to transform it into small caps. 

System Requirements

Requires Microsoft Windows 10

Installation Instructions

You will need administrative rights on your computer. If needed, contact your IT support professional. Download the .zip file here. Open the .zip folder, double-click the "citepad-win" folder, and then double-click "setup."

Depending on your settings, "Windows Defender SmartScreen" may appear. Choose "more info" and "Run anyway."

Our verified publisher DigiCert certificate (the shield with the green check) will appear on the next screen. Choose "Install."

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