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If you encounter problems with Citepad, please email us at




How do I enter my license code? Open Citepad, and click the settings button (Windows) or gear icon (Mac). Enter the email you used to purchase the code, and the code we emailed you. Click "update." When "valid license" appears, the full version of Citepad is activated. Close the preferences window and resume work.

What programs does Citepad work with? Citepad for Windows is compatible with Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, and Google Docs. Citepad for Mac OS X is compatible with Word, Pages, OpenOffice, and Google Docs. Email us to request support for other programs!

How does Citepad work? Citepad functions a lot like the on-screen calculator app you probably already use. Simply place your cursor in your word processing program (Word, WordPerfect, etc.), and click the appropriate button on Citepad. Toggle between italics and underline formatting at the top. Hold Shift on your keyboard before you click to capitalize the first letter of each signal. Hold Control on your keyboard to access the secondary key functions. Hold down both Shift + Control to capitalize the first letters of the secondary key signals.

I downloaded the Windows version, and it's doing funny things. Please make sure you have Windows 10. Citepad is not yet compatible with prior versions of Windows. To learn how to check which version of Windows you have, visit this Microsoft support page. 

I previously purchased Citepad through the Apple App Store and it's not working. What happened? The Apple App Store does not let programs interact with other programs, which is exactly what Citepad is designed to do. We now host Citepad here, on our own website. If you previously purchased Citepad on the Apple App Store, please email us your receipt so we can send you a free license code.