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Unlike the LegalBoard, which is an actual hardware keyboard, the Citepad is an application that provides legal-specific buttons on your computer screen. That initial Citepad release worked only on Macs. Today, a new version is coming out for Windows 10 computers. It works identically to the Mac version and can be used with Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice and Google Docs ...

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Attorneys often gripe about a relatively small but commonly experienced pain point: the section symbol. The section symbol, though a very small element of legal writing, is needed often enough that it routinely forces attorneys out of their workflow and into unfamiliar parts of their word processing software.

Juristech's new floating keyboard software Citepad is taking a swing at this workflow hassle. 

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Citepad automatically formats legal citation signals and eliminates up to 19 keystrokes that legal professionals type multiple times per day. It also gives users the added confidence that their signals will be uniform and conform with citation formatting rules.

Citepad modernizes legal writing which traditionally relies heavily on the keyboard to execute complex formatting rules. 

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Jenkins Law

It's interesting, and it's actually quite easy to use . . . Citepad has more of the legal abbreviations for citations . . .

I like a soft keyboard approach. I have a laptop and I'm already forced to have a USB mouse attached to it because I can't deal with the mousepad, but if I had to have another keyboard attached to it, I might as well stick another monitor on it and make it a Frankenbox. So I like a softkeyboard. I think that is for me the better way to go.

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Citepad is like a magic wand that floats over your screen and inserts legal terms, symbols, and phrases into documents with the touch of your finger.

It does not turn your computer screen into a touch screen, but you "touch" the Citepad virtual keyboard with your mouse and "Voila."

An innovation from Juristech, it is available by download for as little as $15. Not bad for a magic wand.

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